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Note : Anglais préférable, si possible. <3


Hello Doodleplex,
{{PAGENAME}} isn't a problem, that code write the name of the page, you can let it because it's easier when a page's name have to be changed ;).
Edit: Sorry if my english is bad. --Karaknor (discussion) 20 février 2017 à 23:24 (CET)

Your English is probably as good as my French. And okay, I will leave it alone. =) - Doodleplex 20 février 2017 à 23:39 (CET)

Eclat de Zhaïtan[modifier]

Hey Doodleplex, Eclat de Zhaïtan have an accent(é) in game, I don't know since when. We have to rename the page. don't waste your energy. ;) --Karaknor (discussion) 11 septembre 2017 à 22:14 (CEST)

How strange. I was looking at the API(https://api.guildwars2.com/v1/item_details.json?item_id=17272&lang=fr) and it shows it without the accent. The reason I was changing it was I thought if all the links were fixed then the icon would show up on Sac d'articles merveilleux as currently it doesn't. - Doodleplex 11 septembre 2017 à 22:16 (CEST)
The name of the file was incorrect. The token used to be a Fragment de Zhaïtan at the beginning of the game, and the file has never been renamed apparently (Fichier:Fragment de Zhaïtan.png instead of Fichier:Éclat de Zhaïtan.png). This is why it was not showing up. I moved it, thank you --Irule Manik (discussion) 11 septembre 2017 à 22:35 (CEST)
Just in case, if you want to speak with us or ask something fastly. You can join us on the new french wiki discord. :) --Karaknor (discussion) 11 septembre 2017 à 22:40 (CEST)
Oh lovely! I shall definitely do that next time! - Doodleplex 11 septembre 2017 à 22:55 (CEST)